Tuition and Fees


Registration- $15 for one student, $25 for two students, and $35 for 3 or more students. Registration fee is due by August 30th, 2018.  The whole month of August, for any class, will be $15.

Costume- $50 total for Jazz, Ballet, Tumbling, and Hip Hop.  Two payments of $25 – One is due August 30th and the other is due September 30th. (Or you can pay upfront- however you would like) They will use these costumes all year and especially for the winter and spring recital.  ** you will need to purchase tights and shoes if you do not already have some**

Competition-  You will have to purchase 2/3 costumes depend on the number of dances we decide to do. The prices of the total amount of 2/3 costumes will range anywhere from $120-$180.  You will also have a competition fee at all the competitions we attended. (Ranges from $14-$22 each dance- depending on what competition) **you will need to purchase tighths and shoes if you do not have some**


Jazz Classes- $30/month

Ballet Classes- $30/month

Tumbling classes- $30/month

Hip Hop- $30/month

Competition Teams- will be discussed.

**Payments are due the 1st of every month. If you are more than 10 days late, without letting me receive notice, you will pay a $10 late fee.**

DISCOUNTS– If a child wants to be in 2 classes, the total will be $55 instead of $60.  But, they will still need to purchase another coustume for that class.



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