Tuition and Fees


Registration:                                            $20, or $30 for 2 or more students from the same family

Costume (Dance Classes)                    $50, (2 payments of $25, due August and September)

Costume, Competition teams              $60-$140, depending on team


30 minute dance classes                             $25/month

————–Which include 2-3 Year Old dance

45 minute dance classes                             $30/month*   ***

—————Which include all Girls and Boys Classes, ages 4 and up(girls) and 6 and up(boys)

45-60 minute tumbling classes                   $30/month*   **   ***

45 minute Technique Class                        $30/month or $10/month if enrolled in dance or tumbling class

Emerald and Crystal Competition Teams, Technique Class Included     $45/month          (Tryout Required for Placement)
Sapphire and Diamond Comp. Teams, Ballet Class Included $55/month (Tryout Required for placement)                                                                                                           Hip Hop Competition Team (Tryout Required for Placement)

*If you are signed up for dance AND tumbling classes, tuition is $30 for the first and $25/month for additional class

*If you have multiple dancers enrolled, dance and/or tumbling tuition is $30 for the first and $25/month for each thereafter

**Competition Teams, tumbling classes $20 for 1 hr

***Cheer and Acrodance tuition is $10 if student is enrolled in a dance or tumbling class.


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