2017 Summer Schedule

* Weekly or biweekly tumbling classes for all ages $30/month
*Weekly Cheer Classes, $10/month if already enrolled in tumbling
*Weekly AcroDance Classes, $10/month if already enrolled in another class
*Weekly ballet classes for all ages, $25/month
*Weekly adult Ballroom Dance Classes, $15/couple/month or $5/couple/week
*Weekly Country swing/Line dancing, $15/couple/month or $5/couple/week
*Weekly Hip-Hop class, ages 16 and up, $20/month
*May 17-19 Dance Exploration FREE for all ages
*June 19 Turns & Leaps Workshop, 5 and up $35
*June 15-17 Princess Dance Camp, shirt included,ages 3-8 $45
*June 28 Hip Hop Intensive, shirt included, ages 5 and up $40
*July 12-14 Contemporary Camp, ages 6 and up $35
*August 2-4 Comp Team Prep Intensive, all ages $40
*August 7-8 Competition Team Tryouts, all ages

Schedule changes may occur depending on numbers of students in each class