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Summer Princess Dance Workshops

Are you ready for summer? We are! We’ve got our Summer Princess Dance Workshops here in Fairview planned! If your little angel dances around the house constantly, sings to the radio at the top of her lungs, or insists on wearing her princess crown to the grocery store, or to everywhere for that matter, this is the place for her.


Our Princess Dance Workshops will be held for a week at a time May 18-22, June 22-26, and July 13-17. Sign up for whichever one works for your schedules. Classes will be 30 minutes, Monday through Friday, for the 2-3 year old workshops. The cost is $30 for the week and each Princess will receive a shirt. On Friday, we will have a Coronation Day where you can see the dance routine your Princess has learned and watch her get crowned. For our 4-5 year old Princesses, classes will be held the same way, but will last 45 minutes each day for a cost of $35.

There is limited space in these workshops, so don’t wait to sign up!


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