Competition Season Has Begun!!

Competition season is full speed ahead for these beautiful ladies!  Thanks so much for all of your hard work!  Keep representing Excel Dance Company brilliantly!

Diamond Team:

11009574_10203572719267998_905458477_o 11024931_10203572700027517_321375560_o11029681_10203572705907664_679949855_o 11034663_10203572718707984_1688547498_o 11035286_10203572721908064_1828353560_o

Sapphire Team:

sapphire1 sapphire2 sapphire3 sapphire4 sapphire5 solos1


Emerald Team:

emerald2 emerald1



solos3 solos6 solos5 solos4 solos7 solos2 solos1 11025399_10203572704987641_1603069133_o

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