Excel Tumbling Showcase

I am so proud of all of the athletes that performed for us tonight! They are such brave souls and have worked so hard! Thank you parents, for all of your support! Thank you also to our great coaches, Michayla Jackson and Cheyenne Augustus, for helping these great kids EXCEL!!
IMG_2660          IMG_2670

IMG_2673        IMG_2678

IMG_2696     IMG_2698

IMG_2727        IMG_2785

IMG_2795 (2)          IMG_2798

IMG_2803           IMG_2806

IMG_2807                   IMG_2810

IMG_2813        IMG_2815

IMG_2816        IMG_2827

IMG_2830            IMG_2831

IMG_2835        IMG_2836

IMG_2844            IMG_2851

IMG_2855            IMG_2858tumbling showcase1                   tumbling showcase

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